The Moringa Buzz

The Moringa Buzz

How the Moringa Buzz Started…

Two entrepreneurs set out to create the ultimate system for fellow entrepreneurs to come and join their organization to all share two common dreams.

1] Financial Freedom:

Financial freedom is something that only a few people has figured out and something that most of us aspire to achieve during our time here on planet earth. Becoming financially free is not always easy and in most cases put a lot of strain on your work-life-balance which brings us to point #2: Healthy Living.

2] Healthy Living:

By working longer hours trying to support you and your family one can sometimes fall into the trap of overlooking one’s most important asset – your health! It’s easy to get sidetracked while working all those hours and finding time to exercise or eat correctly becomes incredibly difficult. Especially when you live your life on the move like most dynamic entrepreneurs.

Dewan and Rob knew that if they combined their expertise and find the right platform/organization to back them, they would be able to achieve all of this and more.

Collectively they finally decided on Zija – Zija International is a global company currently operating in over 50 different countries who specializes in providing people with to option to create a lifelong sustainable income while promoting state of the art natural, healthy supplements which supports natural living and anti-aging.

Zija has got some of the most amazing health products within their range which is great for those individuals who lead busy lifestyles and who requires that real nutrition that is so hard to come by during your day.

Rob Glen who emerged from the MLM industry found a company 5 years ago which has lead to his success within the network marketing arena. The company is called Xango and during the last 5 years, Rob has proven to be a very dynamic leader within the Xango community who has build a very dynamic team behind him with a strong following and numerous success stories of how he helped young entrepreneurs to become financially free just like him.

Rob felt that there were still a few pieces of the puzzle that were missing and needed someone with a strong online, digital programming and coding background to take him where he ultimately wanted to go within the MLM industry.

He reached out to Dewan, Dewan who has been highly successful in the digital world over the last two decades quickly saw the potential when Rob showed him all the new systems they had access to after the Merge between the two Giants, Xango and Zija.


The Moringa Buzz

Dewan acquired his skillset & expertise through creating large e-commerce websites, complicated apps as well as setting up and managing big multinational ad campaigns over 5 continents and many different countries internationally.

Rob knew that Dewan was just what he needed, to take him and his team of dynamic business builders, to the next level.

Combinedly Rob and Dewan elaborated their skill sets and expertise to create a duplicatable system they can teach to fellow entrepreneurs to live much healthier lifestyles and become financially free. It’s a fantastic system that anyone can join and anyone can master to see results, should the individuals put in the time, effort and commitment required by Dewan and Rob outlined in their training.

Join Rob and Dewan in this incredibly valuable, life-changing opportunity today