Zija Cameroon

Zija Cameroon

Zija Cameroon is finally open!

This means massive opportunity for everyone in two large ways. 

1] Access to our wide range of natural health benefiting products

2] Starting your very own organisation within the Zija Nation.  

Watch this video that will explain to you step by step how to buy products or become a Zija Wholesaler

For those who has never heard of Zija, please click here for some more information on both products as well as the lucrative business opportunity that Zija presents. 

Zija has changed lives around the globe and is only continuing to grow as they open new doors within new countries. Zija is already established in over 56 different countries across the globe and growing at a rapid pace. 

This article covers a more in-depth few on both the products, as well as the business side of the Zija organisation. 

First, we would like to talk about our revolutionary health products. 

Zija creates their own range of products and most of them are different variations of the super food, Moringa tree. 

Zija plants their own trees and controls the entire process, from the seeds going into the ground to where the goods get shipped off to the US for packaging where it gets dispatched to all the countries where Zija has a presence in.  

For more info on the Zija range of products, please click here: 

Then with regard to the business side of Zija, there is a magnitude of opportunities which revolves around the business side of Zija. 

Zija offers a remarkable compensation plan for distributors. Stretching from fast start bonuses to new customer enrollment commissions and much more. 

For an in-depth view on the Zija compensation plan here: (Click Here To Download PDF Version)

Zija South Africa Compensation Plan


As you can see, Zija offers some of the most lucrative commission structures within the industry and being part of the Zija organisation can greatly amplify your life.

As many people will tell you within the Zija community, Zija is a life changing opportunity.

If you would like to get started and grab this opportunity with open arms then simply watch the video at the top of this page and click the link to enroll as a business builder and start your Zija business today and start getting paid from today already.

It really is that simple.

Anyone can enroll and commissions are paid out on a weekly as well as a monthly basis througfh Zija Cameroon. 

Everything that discourages you from business is all taken care off for you within the Zija business opportunity

Things like, opening company bank accounts, ordering stock, setting up distribution channels, teaming up with logistics and courier companies who can ship out your orders. Zija takes care of all of that for you and the best part is, that you never have to worry about sending out a single order or even keeping the product in stock, nor do you sit with products that you ordered and you can’t sell, you do not have to worry about shelf life of your products nor do you even have to invest a single penny of your own money to buy stock.

As and when a client order product, you simply sit back while Zija handles the entire process and all you do is link your banking details with your back office so that Zija can pay out your commissions.