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Rob Glen - The Moringa Buzz Zija

The Moringa Buzz and what exactly it is..

The Moringa Buzz is an organization started by two entrepreneurs, named Rob Glen and Dewan Hattingh, where they take fellow entrepreneurs.

The goal for these entrepreneurs is simple: It’s to help people generate wealth through better health. The team of entrepreneurs embarked¬†on their mission wanting to create a movement of people who can all enjoy an additional revenue stream through healthy living. They teamed up with a company that is dedicated to change lives around the globe. A company that specializes is some revolutionary, unique state of the art fine and healthy living products.

When they embarked on their journey they knew they had to find a company that is not just well established, but a company that is one of the best in what they do. After working with many, Rob and Dewan finally decided to work with Zija as the company recently merged with Xango.

Rob who already built a massive track record within Xango decided that he needed some assistant from the Tech Giant, Dewan who has created digital technical systems for international companies across the globe.

Together Rob and Dewan now have all the necessary tools, skill set, expertise and know how to take virtually anyone with a positive and persistent attitude and teach them their duplicatable system which they have pioneered within Zija.

Rob Glen - The Moringa Buzz Zija

Rob has spent the past 5 years building a system that made him extremely successful within Xango. He needed a few systems to be built for himself, which wasn’t available within the organization and that has prevented him from not going as far as he set out to grow.

When Xango merged with Zija Rob identified the potential as the two giant companies had most of the systems he been longing to see within an organization. He still needed a few things to be set up and tied together which would help him to create the ultimate duplicatable system which he can pass over to his downline and partners to be just as successful within the organization.

Dewan has created anything from large e-commerce websites, complicated apps, setting up and structuring digital ad campaigns for multinational brands which made him the perfect partner for Rob.

Dewan and Rob elaborated their skills and expertise to create the ultimate system required to not just only survive in the MLM sphere, but to also be highly successful should one put in the time, effort, dedication and willingness to learn the system.

Once fully mastered Rob and Dewan can teach any individual to rinse and repeat their success.

Zija in South Africa